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Jul 01, 2017  

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Racing is getting there gradually but there are still two groups; those doing it right and those who starve, sweat or flip (stick their finger down their throat to make themselves sick), which, unlike Phentermine, cannot be tested for. Of course, the obvious solution would be to put the minimum weights up again, but that would be naive. In 1925, the minimum weight was 6st, and 5st for apprentice races. It has risen in increments until, in 2013, the minimum weight became 8st. But, on the Flat, many top jockeys operate at 8st 7lb-plus and, whatever the weights, there will still be jockeys operating below their limits. In my day, making the weight in some desperate - lazy - manner was almost a rite of passage, and hoodwinking the clerk of the scales for a pound or two was a pastime much like poaching a pheasant for the pot under the nose of the gamekeeper. Ryan Moore's father, Gary, always struggled with his weight as a jump jockey. On the way to Fontwell once, he persuaded his father to drop him in Arundel and he ran the rest of the way, about 5½ miles. Another time, after taking a "pee pill", he was getting a lift in a fellow jockey's Porsche but they were so late for their rides at Stratford that they were unable to stop. The car lacked a watertight what are reasons to lose weight container and after putting his head out of the sunroof and trying to do it out of the window - a manoeuvre his colleague eventually dissuaded him from - he found a cigar container and did it in shifts. My first experience of chemical weight loss was when I needed to lose 4lb for a ride at Ludlow the following day. My sister suggested Ex-Lax and offered the pertinent advice that "one square won't even make you fart".

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